What is GST Registration?

GST Registration with the tax authorities implies obtaining a unique 15 digit GST Identification Number (GSTIN), which helps in collecting and correlating the data relating to the transactions of a business.

GST is a kind of indirect tax which is levied on manufacturing, sale & consumption of goods & services. This is a nation vide taxation law which came into force on July 01, 2017.

Goods & services tax (GST) registration is a process which aims at formalising the process of doing business in India.

Businesses whose turnover exceeds INR 40 lacs (Normal States) & INR 20 lacs (Special category states) are required to register under the new indirect tax regime i.e. Goods & Services tax (GST).

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    New GST Registration?

    With the growth in Indian economy, India has become a new hot-spot for global investors. This new phase of India is bringing in new traders, manufacturers who requires to register their business under the new GST registration regime.

    There are various financial technicalities associated with GST so it is always advisable to take assistance from financial experts.

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    Who is required to register under GST?

    Business whose turnover exceeds INR 40 lacs (normal states) & INR 20 lacs (special category states)

    Individuals registered prior to GST under Excise, VAT, Service tax etc.

    Those paying tax under Reverse Charge Mechanism

    E-commerce supplier

    Agent of a supplier or a input service provider

    Documents required for GST Registration

    PAN Card

    Aadhar Card


    Electricity bill of the

    Letter of Authorisation for signatory

    Bank statement/ Cancelled Cheque


    • How to register for GST?
    • What is GST Registration Process in India?
    • What is the validity of the GST registration number?
    • Firstly you login to the online GST portal • Secondly you fill the form A of registration • Thirdly then you receive an application reference number on your email-id and mobile • Fourthly afterward fill the second part of the form and upload all the required documents according to the requirement and the business types • Fifthly you obtain the certificate of GST registration from the GST portal. If in case there is any query you have to visit the concerned department. • Sixthly you submit the required documents along with GST REG-04 within the seven working days. • Seventhly in case of any error, application get rejected and you will be notified about the same by email in form GST REG-05 of GST registration.
    Following steps are as given below: In first step you have to login ACES portal using user id and password which already existing. In second step you either follow the link to get provisional ID and password or navigate using the MENU. In third step make a note of id amd password which is provided After obtaining the provisional ID and password, you logon to the GST PORTAL by using ID and password.
    GST certificate is granted for the lifetime of the business, only the person who is casual tax payer or non-resident tax payer fixed by the concerned authority have a validity period.